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OCM is a company specializing in facilities and supplies for logistics, post, express couriers and industrial intralogistics.

Established in 1976, OCM has become a reference for the leading international courier companies and for most of the distribution logistics companies. As a reliable partner for its customers and suppliers, the company works in the global market as an expert adviser, and not only as a manufacturer.

Over the last decade, the company has stood out for its high-technology and state-of-the-art systems, its intralogistics solutions, sorting facilities and dynamic product detection for image, code, weight and volume traceability management. In logistics, where these solutions find most of their applications, OCM partners with the leading companies of the market.

OCM offers its customers its relevant experience. From standard modular products according to specific requirements to fully customizable solutions, the focus is on working along with the customers to assess and explore the best solutions and meet the goals. OCM offers complete turnkey lines; the company develops, manufactures and sells its own solutions.

Further support for this mission, OCM operates a complete after-sales service with 24/7 support.

Head Office: via Segrè, 5/A 43122 Parma, Italy
Registered Office: via Chico Mendes, 6 43055 Mezzani, Parma, Italy
Ph. +39 0521 818267 - Fax +39 0521 818429 - info@ocm.eu
P.IVA 02104080342

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