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A huge amount of parcels, pallets and letters are sent on a daily basis from one part of the world to onother. Each shipping – big or small – must be weighed, measured, identified and logged. It’s crucial to know the precise characteristics of each good, ensure that it’s always on the right place, and verify the correspondence between occupied space, transported weight and destination.
Under these circumstances, OCM fulfils diverse requirements – regarding type and size – of measurement, data detection and logging by offering specific solutions to read barcodes, measure package dimensions and volume, image association, and weighing legal for trade.

OCM offers its customers more than technical data acquisition: measurement, scan and filing systems, connected to the company host, allow an ongoing verification of information and a constant traceability, up to a subsequent data processing which, on demand, can be transformed into statistics. That’s an advantage to reduce wastes and improve corporate planning and work structuring.


XCoder Range:

  • Parcel Coder: the automated measurement of weight and volume and dynamic tracking  system for parcels legal for trade
  • Cube Coder: the semi-automated weight and volume measurement and tracking system for pallet
  • Pallet Coder: the automated measurement and tracking system for pallet.
  • Quick Coder: for an automated weight, volume and image acquisition of parcels associated to the corresponding barcode – simplifies small processing
  • Flyer Coder: weighing and traceability technology for envelopes and small objects.
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