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Within automated facilities to sort, store, pick & place and weigh, and support to weigh, tag, wrap, etc., OCM provides low noise, high speed roller and belt conveyors. The main features of the products are their reliability and resilience over time, as well as their smooth operation.

The differentiating feature of OCM conveyors is the use of stainless steel. They remove the effects of time, dust, humidity and accidental shocks. Even today, leading companies operate their OCM conveyors implemented in the late 70s.
With modules of different lengths and aimed for the transport of materials of any weight.
Ideal to fulfil the needs of express couriers, logistics operators, sorting hubs, production centres and end of lines.


Lineshaft roller conveyor: Simple and functional, it’s a low noise, reliable and low maintenance power-driven roller conveyor. It can drive long sections with one motor. The best solution in terms of reliability and power savings.

Parcelveyor 24V: Wherever frequent star/stops are required, short power-driven sections, the 24V technology is the best choice. A suitable combination of technology and simplicity able to cover multiple requirements.

Conveyor Belt: OCM develops and builds conveyor belts of different technologies to meet multiple requirements and based on the same philosophy: stainless steel, quality components and focus on safety.

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