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OCM’s sorting system technologies guarantee the speed, accuracy, traceability and reliability currently demanded by logistics, courier and industrial handling.

Within a complex handling system, OCM solutions transport, handle and sort several types of goods, packages, pallets and envelopes.

Sorting demands – along with accurate and reliable mechanics – a resilient and simple data control and management system. OCM supplies comprehensive solutions in order to ensure to the customer full reliability, accuracy and traceability of managed data.

By using several technologies, OCM is able to answer its customers' needs from the simplest productivity up to 10,000 pph.

OCM technologies, often integrated in the facility itself with the highest reliability, ensure an optimization of workflow, storage and consumption.

With the aim to improve performance in the express courier loading stage, the company has also developed the PLT technology, which supports operators and guarantees the top performance in terms of productivity in the final sorting stage.

OCM sorting systems are integrated in complex and customized project of turnkey handling facilities.

·       Fast Sorter (pop up technology): modular and versatile sorting system featuring a high productivity

·       Wheel Sorter (switch wheel technology): modular with pivoting wheels, can rotate up to 90°, perfect also for small spaces

·       PLT Sorter (Parcel Light Tracking technology): innovative traceability system featuring an alphanumeric display that allows the operator to check the final destination of the parcel

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