PLT - Parcel Light Tracking
PLT - Parcel Light Tracking
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Within an automated flow of parcels and packages, PLT Parcel Light Tracking is the perfect solution for the final sorting stage. Thanks to the innovating alphanumeric displays placed on the conveyor, the operator recognizes simply and immediately the parcel to be unloaded from the line, optimizing timings, efficiency and energy.

Two different technologies can be provided:


- PLT  “Stop and Go”: the package will stop automatically in front of the right operator and unloading bay; the display will show the bay number for its subsequent visual verification.

- PLT “In Pursuit”: no flow interruption, on the display the bay number “follows” the parcel in continuous movement and a light signal warns the operator when the parcel is on the right position.


Both technologies offers a relevant productivity increase of the operator, who no longer needs to read the tags focusing on the parcels intended for him or her.

Moreover, the total traceability of parcels lets customer balance its sort plan so that parcels are equally allocated to the different distribution bays.

  • Visual monitoring system
  • Process optimization in real time
  • Top productivity in the final sorting stage
  • Assisted sorting
  • Error Reduction
  • Easy operations
  • Optimal solution for couriers and logistics operators
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