The vision

The modular approach arises from the idea of providing a simple answer to complex operation systems and consists of the implementation of technology systems aimed to the optimal composition of systems for material handling and sorting.

Each module is designed, built and assembled according to stringent quality standards that conform to mechanical, electrical, and logical requirements.

OCM applies the modular approach from the design to the implementation, relying on its high-quality components along the process. Each component has been verified and tested to ensure its efficiency and reliability.

The modular approach enables high-quality systems which are beneficial for an economy of scale. Investment in quality allows us to transfer the benefits of automation to productivity.


Increase of efficiency and reliability, improvement of the facilities’ life cycle, low maintenance, ROI


OCM modules – as standard technology components – enable systems with diverse layouts to be designed. If combined and replicated with similar stations, they can be implemented not only in sorting facilities, but also in the whole network of operation centers.

These modules offer a dynamic and flexible setup, and its repeatability ensures that the customer has the same technology and the same know-how, the same modules and the same spare parts in different depots and distribution centers.

Installation and maintenance are simplified, and the control of some standard parameters featured by each module allow the proper operation to be verified. The integration of an advanced control system and technology modules is the foundation of predictive maintenance.

These are the key advantages of the modular approach:

  • Efficiency
  • Quality
  • Low maintenance
  • Access to data and analysis
  • Smart control
  • TCO benefits








Simple solutions, modular software, Plug & Play implementation together with the customer


Scalable systems suited to your business pace


Efficient, reliable and durable systems. In few words: cost reduction


Low maintenance, fewer components and fewer spare parts. Predictive maintenance

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