Our values

Sense of responsibility, respect and concern for people and environment, care of the new generations, are values translated into facts.


OCM supports the concept ‘community and company’ and initiatives that reflect values represented and belonging to its workers.

From sport to school, from training to heritage appreciation, OCM tries to contribute to the progress of the community where it lives and works, convinced that a widespread and cross culture is a key element for the public good.

TRAINING: OCM organizes meetings and training activities to support students to promote the acquisition not only technical and professional abilities, but also key professional capacities to address the labor market and personal growth. Current students are tomorrow’s workers and, aware of this, OCM struggles to promote and support talent of new generations.

TESTIMONIALS: Giulia Ghiretti, paralympic swimmer and world champion. OCM’s decision to express support for positive values in sport and trust on an athlete who has proved and still proves commitment, sacrifice and passion for sport and for life. The collaboration between OCM and Ghiretti emerges also from the willingness to convey a relevant message: overcome hurdles, believe in your dreams and commit in its achievement. Giulia Ghiretti is not only an excellent role model in sport, but also a positive testimonial www.giuliaghiretti.it.

CULTURE: Culture and company are not two opposing realities, but they should integrate and support the advance of community. A released and transverse culture is a key element for the public good. In this point of view lies the support to the Corale Verdi of Parma, an association committed to raise the knowledge of Giuseppe Verdi’s operas.

SPONSORSHIPS: Focus on the improvement and people can be seen also in the support of non-profit bodies, associations and initiatives that address the community and in favor of shared values.


OCM gives relevance to the environment, safety at the industrial facilities, for customers and workers. The company analyzes, plans and performs corrective actions at several levels, from environmental impact of production to energy efficiency on the company. With the aim of measuring, planning and improving its own commitment, OCM has been analyzed by Ecovadis (Silver Medal).

The company, by the other hand, is working to achieve the ISO 27001 certification, an international standard that describes the best practices for an information security management system.



OCM has been always guided by respect to the customer, suppliers and workers. With the aim of sharing these guidelines, it owns internal company policy and an ethical code. The focus is on integrity, fair competition, data and information protection, people’s dignity, health and safety, reconciliation of private and professional life, and environment.