Massive amounts of parcels, goods and letters are sent daily across the world. Each shipment, big or small, must be weighted, measured, identified and recorded. It is essential to know the precise characteristics of each items, ensuring that it is always on the right place on the right time, and verify the concordance between allocated space, weight and destination.

Track and trace is as important to parcel operators as to the final customers.

OCM meets data detection and tracking requirements by means of specific solutions according to the type and size of items by scanning labels and measuring weight and volume automatically.

OCM solutions are legal for trade.


Solutions for parcel, pallet, envelopes.

Identification and tracking


Parcel Coder is the automated weight and volume measurement and dynamic tracking solution for parcels and irregularly shaped packages, legal for trade.

Parcel Coder is available in several configurations (barcode reading optics up to 6 sides), it recognizes the parcel and, with the support of accurate and reliable measurement systems, detects the weight and size. The process is regulated by the proven control system that takes charge of the connection with the client host by means of the most widely used certified protocols. All communication and management procedures are according to international standards.

Parcel Coder can use laser or camera (matrix or linear) technology.


Pallet Coder is the automated weight and volume measurement system for big objects to be measured at high speed. Optimization of detection times and easy operations.

Data gathered – barcode, weight, size, volume, log date and time, as well as the image with superimposed data – are sent to the client host.

The volume detection achieved by Pallet Coder can be certified MID and OIML.

Pallet Coder is particularly suitable for couriers that need weight and volume to be accurately detected, as well as logistics operators that must optimize the vehicle loading.



Wherever the acquisition of the volume of an object is not necessary, as in the case of letter and envelope processing, OCM has developed the Flyer Coder system for barcode reading, weighing and image capture.

The system can be fully automated or with manual object feeding in order to provide the operator indications concerning the destination of envelopes; Flyer Coder has been designed to improve in envelope handling operations. The weighing is legal for trade.


Dimensioning, weighing and scanning

Automated weight and volume measurement systems ensure a continuous data detection according to specific standards (legal for trade).


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