Life Cycle Performances Service

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Ensure ongoing efficiency and consistent improvement

Customer service is one of the pillars of OCM: ensures an ongoing innovation, full safety, reduced margins of error and full efficiency, 24/7.

OCM's service portfolio provides a consistent performance along the life cycle of facilities and products.

OCM Full Service 24 includes the 24/7 availability of the OCM expert team for support. The customer has a hotline to access the corresponding technical support. For a first remote assistance in real time.

In case of sudden malfunction which could not be solved remotely, the team assure the immediate action at the facility. The assistance promptness, efficacy and efficiency are guaranteed by a selected network of professional partners.

The service included regular technical controls in order to ensure the best operation and efficiency of the facilities. A comprehensive testing of the most sensitive components and testing is made to prevent possible technical issues that may affect productivity. OCM agrees on customized support solutions with customers.

The right use of facilities and its understanding are a must to ensure the best operation and to limit downtimes. OCM offers a specialized training for the customer company in order to transfer the necessary information for a best use and system management. The basic training analyses in detail loading/unloading operations, the system performance, and its maintenance.

The service ensures a timely and effective supply. The modular approach developed by OCM (modules) allows also a planning focused on simplifying, reducing and optimizing the use of spare parts – not only for each facility but also for the network.

The modular approach simplifies upgrading and retrofitting works, ensuring short assistance times and the highest ROI.

Remote control includes the ongoing analysis and system data verification. This implies at the same time increasing – by means of predictive maintenance – the quality, safety and optimization of the facility.

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