Loading & unloading

OCM provides flexible, modular and reliable solutions, designed to optimize items loading and unloading operations. These easy-to-use systems improve the working conditions for operators and reduce loading and unloading times.


The power-driven expandable and bidirectional roller conveyor


X-Ramp es a power-driven bidirectional, flexible and expandable roller conveyor made of stainless steel. Easy-to-use, it can be integrated in all systems.

This low-maintenance roller conveyor is suitable for available spaces on straight, curved or mixed sections with different lengths.

It has wheels and electric connectors, and can be folded, moved and used in several positions.

Advantages of X-Ramp

XRamp's benefits: Customizable length, width and height - Easy transport - Compression/expansion rate about 1:3 - Wheels for heavy loads with dynamic break - Galvanised steel rollers with highly resilient ball bearings - Reinforced stainless steel structure - CE compliant - Low maintenance